5 Surprising Things That Happen When You Stop Wearing Make Up

Would you go to work without make up? What about drinks with the girls or date night with your partner?

With more and more celebrities going for the ‘no make up look’ would you give it a try for real?

Here are the top 5 things you may discover if you decide to take that brave step and go sans make up…..


Your skin clears up

This could be for many reasons, it could simply be a case of noticing your skin more so you start to actively make changes to your routine, lifestyle, and diet.

Not having to put foundation on every day means your pores have more room to breathe and is less likely to clog up. Makeup may not give you spots, but not adequately taking it off thoroughly every night can lead to those unsightly whiteheads!

You get asked for identification

This may be a slight overreaction, but years could be taken off your face, with smaller pores and a smoother face; that alone is enough to consider ditching the powder brush.

You save at least 15 minutes off your morning routine

And that means those extra 15 minutes in bed… or if you are the proactive sort that’s 15 minutes of meditation…?!

You really appreciate how exceptionally beautiful you look when you do put it on

You start to acclimatise to the you without makeup, getting used to your face again and gaining confidence in your natural looks. After adding a few swipes of mascara and looking in the mirror you realise you have not even put the full face on yet, but you are a beauty! 

Your awareness grows of how your lifestyle affects your skin.

Those extra glasses of wine last night watching Netflix…yep that’s right, that’s playing all over your face this morning but without that trusty concealer, you can’t hide the skin fall out.

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