Rebel Women | The Narrative of Women in History

We want to bring you the stories of women who have been able to redefine the stereotypes of womanhood throughout history. This month we want to celebrate the life work of Sarojini Naidu who alongside being a political activist, an active feminist and poet, also became the first Indian woman to be president of the Indian National Congress and an Indian State governor.

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What To Pack For Glastonbury

  It’s official! Festival season is here and Glastonbury is round the corner. Get ready to sip on a tin of Gin and Tonic whilst embracing the inevitable British rain, because this year, thanks to us, you will be prepared for everything four days in a field will throw at you. Festival Glitter No British festival is a festival without a bit of glitter. We all know the detrimental effects glitter is having upon our oceans, so be cautious this year and buy some biodegradable glitter fro Glastonbury instead! Biodegradable glitter is stocked in lots of shops on the high street and online so there is no excuse. Take a look at EcoStardustas they offer a stunning selection of sparkles...

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