Back to work | Our office knitwear style tips for this Autumn

So, after 18 months plus of loungewear and zoom meetings many of us now face the [daunting] return to the office on a more full-time basis. Whilst this will be welcomed by many, for many reasons (i.e., taking a break from the screaming kids, screaming spouse and now annoying pets) the return to the workplace can throw up all sorts of conundrums for your style choices after so long away.

Thankfully, you can trust Iggy and Burt to do our bit to help navigate you through your knitwear musts when embarking back to the office this Autumn and beyond. Here are our top tips on how to style your knitwear.

Think bold – statement pieces

The thought of seeing colleagues and clients after so much time away is daunting, to say the least. There are two approaches to dealing with this, go gently, gently, or go all-in. We favour the latter. It’s been a trying and testing time for everyone, so our view is to make a statement in your knitwear and remind everyone what they have missed in your absence.

If you want to take this approach we have the knitwear for you in our bold, bright and statement pieces. Maybe try our now infamous Dangerous Creature jumper, or our Chaos jumper, both of which will leave no room for doubt that you are well and truly back.

Iggy and Burt| Natural Knitwear| Chaos jumperIggy and Burt| Natural Knitwear| Dangerous Creature jumper  

Styling either of these jumpers with a pair of smart black jeans and boots always works well. Check out our Instagram page here for how some of our customers and followers have pulled together their look for themselves with both of the Dangerous Creature and Chaos jumper.

Texture and layers

Autumn has always been our favourite time of year as it allows us the perfect time to assemble our outfit and to really focus on differentiating through texture and layering.

A classic Autumn combination which you cannot go wrong with is the polished dress-and-jumper combination. We favour making our statement with the knitwear (what else) and pairing with a sleeveless fitted dress or loose trousers and ankle-high boots. It’s a winner every time and practical, as demonstrated by the wonderful t.a.e boutique here:

 Iggy & Burt| Designer Knitwear


If your work does not require more formal two-piece suits, but you want to smarten up your look, a great way to achieve this is with the addition of a blazer to your look.

Again, we are huge fans of letting the knitwear do the talking, so pairing a navy single breasted blazer with your jumper will achieve this.

If opting for the addition of the blazer, you might pair back the colours and patterns, but this does not mean you have to neglect them altogether. We would recommend the addition of a blazer with either one of our V Neck Boxy fine merino jumpers (in lemon or red) or with one of our new arrivals, such as the Love Heart merino jumper shown below.

Iggy and Burt| Natural Knitwear| Love Heart jumper

Don’t neglect quality and materials in your knitwear

Finally, we can’t emphasise enough how important it is to pick and buy knitwear which is made from natural materials and which has been made with quality (whether from us or otherwise). All of our jumpers are made from 100% natural materials such as merino, cashmere and cotton, and when it comes to knitwear this shows.

Not only do natural materials fit and breath better so that they are more comfortable to wear, but they also last when looked after properly.

Picking high quality knitwear will make sure that you are the talk of the communal kitchen for all the right reasons!




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