Introducing the Iggy & Burt Journal




Welcome to the first Issue of the Iggy & Burt Journal

We are all about our favourite and often random things; fashion, wellbeing, lifestyle, career, you name it.

We are inspired by you and the world around us. Our inspiration for our knitwear comes from a mixture of street-style in London and our favourite haunts in the English countryside.

Named after our grandfathers’ Ignatius and Herbert - two great gentleman that would never have thought they would be named after a women’s knitwear brand - we strive to bring you the best quality natural yarns and fibres; biodegradable, soft-to-touch and most of all long lasting.

We want you to love your knitwear and keep it from season to season and take you on this journey with us to be bold, bright, fun and mostly to be inspired.

We are excited to bring our range to you!