London Fashion Week Designers to Watch

London Fashion Week took place on the 15th of February to the 19thof February and was a swirl of colour, awe-inspiring narratives and collections that engaged with the political climate evident in our world today. Along with the established brands such as Victoria Beckham, Burberry and Vivienne Westwood who continue to be at the top of their game, London Fashion Week also seeks to celebrate and showcase emerging designers.

This year’s range of iconic styles did not fail to turn heads and trending themes such as extravagance and decadence opened audiences up to a creative realm of escapism that counter-balance the difficult political climate in London pre-Brexit.  We here at Iggy & Burt want to hype up our favourite catwalk looks for Spring and AW19. We also want to introduce you to the brands which are seeking to positively shape up the fashion industry.

London Fashion Week

Image credit: Carlo Scarpato / Gorunway


Of course, we are going to be a bit biased with our first designer who, inspired by the art of knitting and crochet created a collection that used the wonderful and colourful granny square.  Ashish Gupta was inspired whilst wrapped up in his grandmothers crocheted blanket whilst delirious with the flu. At a closer look, the collection was actually made out of thousands of hand-stitched sequins, giving the allusion of granny squares.

Ashish’s collection is not only unique but an intricate work of art. The beautiful colours that make up the bejewelled squares highlight the brand's hard work and skill in creating the very best for their clients. We are 100% committed to spending our life savings on the granny square dress and maybe the jacket… oh and I guess we will need the trousers too.

London Fashion Week

Image Credit: Darren Gerrish

Bethany Williams

Bethany Williams was the second person to win the QEII Award for Design on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen at London Fashion Week. This award was created in recognition of the large role the fashion industry plays in society and diplomacy and offers young designers who are committed to creating a difference in society a platform to showcase their innovative designs. Her designs highlight the importance and collaborative relationship between social and environmental issues.

Williams’ collection named ‘No Address Needed to Join’ showcased designs made from waste and organic materials. Along with this, Williams worked with TIH Models, a talent agency that creates paid opportunities for those currently sleeping rough in London. She has also pledged to donate 20 per cent of the profits from next season’s collection to Adelaide House, a woman’s shelter in Liverpool that provides residential support for female offenders and any women who are experiencing difficulties within their lives.

Her mission is to create a business that is sustainable and faces the challenges that threaten the industry, such as climate change, head on. These changes to the planet must be recognised in an industry that creates fast fashion. This generation of new designers are a breath of fresh air and highlight how the fashion industry is and will continue to grow and change for the better.

London Fashion Week

Image Credit: Filippo Fior /

Molly Goddard

Autumnal angels walked amongst us at London Fashion Week adorned in floating ruffled gowns, frills and floral pastels that left us desperate for more. Molly Goddard known for her bold approach to scale and proportion did not hold back during her AW19 show.

The collection was a mix of earthy maxi cuts with steely balaclavas and showstopping gowns in hot pink and peppermint blue. The craftsmanship of Goddard’s complicated designs allows some of her more larger gowns to flow endlessly outwards, creating the Goddard signature that makes the brand so unique and so very moreish.

And if you really do want more, the acclaimed designer has collaborated with the photographer Sarah Edwards to bring you an exhibition that reveals the creative process behind Goddard’s designs and her famous tulle dresses. ‘Dress Portrait’ is on until the 1st March at Chelsea Space, Chelsea College of Arts.

London Fashion Week

Image Credit: Susana Rico

Rue- L

Rue-L has been described as a mix between urbanity and femininity. The brand's debut at London Fashion Week this year allowed their energetic and innovative designs to come to life in a stage scene that transported audiences into a cityscape, full of colour, lights and fast food.

It was clear to see the importance of London Street Style within the collection whilst the brand seems to be committed to celebrating London’s subcultures and communities. Rue-L is simply made up of the words, ‘rue’ [street] and ‘elle’ [feminine]. The designs are loud but are also made to be worn day to day, promoting the idea that women can be powerful, invincible and provocative in their street style. HELL.YES.

London Fashion Week


At the heart of Shrimps collection sits faux fur and knitwear that seems to be of a mystical, fairylike world where all things are sherbet yellow, milky white and blood red orange. The brand oozes sweetness and the use of silk and lace only add to the fairy-tale like quality of their AW19 collection at London Fashion Week 2019. You may have noticed the rise of the beaded bag all thanks to its revival by Shrimps in the form of the elegant Antonia Bag.

The AW19 collection brought back the beaded bag on a bigger scale…and just in time for our 2019 travels! What’s even greater is the Shrimps home collection which launched last year at Habitat, so now it’s not just your wardrobe that can be kitted out in the dreamiest of dreams. Shrimps, we love you.