Remember, Remember the Knits of November

The beginning of November kicked off with a bang and the sparkles and bitter chill of bonfire night. It is easy to feel uninspired now that the clocks have gone back and the winter nights are upon us. But don’t sigh just yet because November also marks the month of Stylist Live, and we joined hundreds of pop-up boutiques for the weekend, to give you the inspiration we all desperately need to shape up our winter wardrobes to tackle the frost and discover the trends that will rule 2019. Stylist Live, held in London at Olympia Park boasts a weekend of empowerment, entertainment and influence. Making it the perfect festival for Iggy & Burt to attend. This November we want...

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Our 4 Key Natural Yarns

The sweaty slightly suffocating feeling you can get with some jumpers and tops is often a result of what the garment has been made with, which is usually a synthetic fibre like polyester… We believe that knowing more about your materials will help you make an informed decision on your purchases, see a rundown on the key materials that has gone into making your knits and the beneficial properties that they bring:     Merino Wool Every year sheep will naturally produce a new fleece…without fail. Making merino wool a renewable resource. You can’t really get a yarn more suitable to clothing, this premium fibre is so fine it makes perfect layering pieces that can keep you cool when warm...

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