Our Top 4 Self Care Books to Read

We are embracing the term self-care, whether that is used for mindfulness, pampering or exercise, you name it. 

So whether you feel overwhelmed at work, stressed about money, dealing with a personal grievance or in desperate need of a break. Sometimes life can be difficult and hand us situations that may seem unbearable and difficult to get through.

To add to it all, this world we live in is noisy in every way possible, with everyone apparently having a better time than you.  

So self-indulge and do something that makes you feel happy. Easier said than done...right? So maybe just start with eating that chocolate you’ve denied yourself.

With more and more journalists and authors joining the conversation about the importance of having good mental health and talking about the issues we bottle up. We discuss our favourite self-care books at the Iggy & Burt studio:

Calm by Fern Cotton

Calm by Fern Cotton

Working through life's daily stresses to find a peaceful centre

Calm is the follow up to Fearne Cotton’s Happy, a book that highlighted the joys of life and finding the positive in the world around us. Unlike, Happy, Calm is more about finding peace and slowing down our pace to become aware of our body and mind to find inner harmony. Calm offers expert advice, activities and easy ideas to try out day to day to help relieve stress. It is a reminder to step out of modern reality to become better tuned to your body and mind. It is easy for the rush of life to get in the way but by altering of our perspective, we can also realise that the things we feel anxious and stressed about are not always as detrimental as we first assumed.

Chimp Paradox

Prof Steve Peters- The Chimp Paradox:

The Acclaimed Mind Management Programme to Help You Achieve Success, Confidence and Happiness

This powerful mind management guide explains what psychological events take place in your mind when you are angry, anxious, irritated, happy and sad. Each chapter explains how the mind works and how we function under different circumstances. Peters offers exercises that will help to improve and develop your emotional habits in order to become the person you want to be and live the life you want to live. The Chimp Paradox highlights the ways in which we may sabotage our own happiness and success and it is a truly fascinating account of our minds and habits. This bestseller will change the way you understand the human mind to become healthier, confident and more satisfied with the life you choose to lead.

The art of not Falling Apart

The Art of Not Falling Apart by Christina Patterson

This self- care book is not a self-care book, in that it does not offer you advise but tells the stories of human life- the rocky roads and the tribulations of individuals who picked up the pieces for themselves to eventually find peace and happiness in the world again. Journalist, Christina Patterson, after an involuntary- redundancy was angry and irritated and the world of self-help books did not do much to relieve the difficulties that she was facing. This book truly is a beautiful exploration of human struggles and survival, highlighting the strength we all have within us and that we should celebrate!

Ten Arguments For Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now by Jaron Lanier

Ten Arguments For Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now by Jaron Lanier

Lanier’s Manifesto brings together 10 reasons to liberate ourselves from the toxic side of social media. Drawing on insider expertise, Lanier not only highlights how social media affects us but explains the detrimental impact of the business structures that have been built to manipulate and market to users. Alongside the political and the social problems it creates, Lanier’s book is also witty in its vision to find other alternatives that provide the benefits of social media without the negatives. Insightful and liberating- Lanier will have you deleting your social media accounts in no time!