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Our Must Read Books This Month

Ordinary People By Diana Evans Centred around the lives of two couples after the initial excitement of love, weddings and coupledom. Instead Evans, weaves a story around the explosive effects of life after children, the compromises made, the everyday chores and the constant child duties.   Circe by Madeline Miller A beautiful unputdownable read, taking you into a world of the Greek gods. Circe has all the ingredients of an epic novel, with a complex heroine, bloodshed and adventure. Prepare to be captivated from the moment you start reading!     The Mars Room by Rachel Kushner Not for the faint hearted, Rachel Kushner depicts life in a women’s correctional facility in California. We follow Romy Hall, a 29 year...

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Our 4 Key Natural Yarns

The sweaty slightly suffocating feeling you can get with some jumpers and tops is often a result of what the garment has been made with, which is usually a synthetic fibre like polyester… We believe that knowing more about your materials will help you make an informed decision on your purchases, see a rundown on the key materials that has gone into making your knits and the beneficial properties that they bring:     Merino Wool Every year sheep will naturally produce a new fleece…without fail. Making merino wool a renewable resource. You can’t really get a yarn more suitable to clothing, this premium fibre is so fine it makes perfect layering pieces that can keep you cool when warm...

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