How to style your knitwear this autumn (Part 1)

In this guide, we offer up some tips on how you can style your knitwear this autumn for every occasion. We have split this guide over two parts to make it more digestible, with the second edition to be released next week.

Be bold – statement pieces

This autumn will be all about making bold statements in bright colours. Luckily, we have the knitwear for you. For those who want statement pieces in bold colours,  our popular Chaos jumper, or the newest style Mini Leopard Print, will certainly do the trick.

Iggy and Burt| Natural Knitwear| Chaos Jumper MerinoIggy and Burt| Natural Knitwear| Mini Leopard Print Jumper


We all have those jumpers that we love and have owned for years, but alas it has shrunk or changed shape and size.

If you have a jumper that you feel is less than flattering on you, or if it stops on an awkward part of your body, the easiest way to rectify this is layering.

Layering should be simple and unfussy. The addition of a good quality, oversized, white t-shirt or collared shirt underneath your knitwear will lead to a great look. This will add depth to your look and will help cover up any bits you are more conscious of. For us at Iggy & Burt, this is the perfect smart-casual outfit with a pair of light jeans, or leggings, combined with our favourite trainers or boots. Bear in mind that the key is to pick a long undershirt which will provide you with your desired level of coverage.

Layering your knitwear is perfect for almost every situation where you want to be smart-casual, whilst also being incredibly comfortable.

Iggy and Burt| Natural KnitwearImage credit:

How to wear it –

For us, simplicity is key when wearing your knitwear and we like to let our knitwear do the hard-work.

Our go to favourites for wearing knitwear aren’t going to blow any minds but keeping it simple and sharp always works in our view.

We favour styling our knitwear with a pair of smart denim jeans and boots. Tucking your knitwear in and accessorising with an understated belt can also look great. Finally, the addition of a necklace or favourite piece of jewellery can also help to finish off the look. Here’s an example of the amazing, and oh so chic, Ashley putting this to practice:

 Iggy and Burt| Natural Knitwear| Dangerous Creature Jumper

Check out our Instagram page here for further of examples of how our customers and followers have put together their look for themselves.

We will be back next week with our final tips on the smart casual knitwear musts.


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