Why You Should Wear Merino Wool All Year Round

Comfort is everything

Merino wool has been around for years and is one of the key natural fibres, soft to touch and incredibly warm, merino is the epitome of comfort.

One of the few fibres that will keep you very warm

It’s all about the fibre. Merino fibres have a natural kink and crimp to it, this is one of the things that make merino so warm. It traps body heat in small air pockets around the body, which results in keeping the body warmer for longer.

Regulates your body temperature

Merino is a breathable material, when your body ’s warm, merino keeps you cool and when your body is cool it keeps you warm. This is all down to the fact that merino is able to release warmth when necessary, avoiding overheating.

When it is warm, the merino fibres absorb your body’s moisture vapour and evaporates them out of the garment. But when it’s cold these vapours condense and give off heat to keep you warm.

Merino Wool Jumper


Odour resistant

The build-up of bacteria is what creates that ‘sweat’ smell rather than the perspiration itself. Unlike other synthetic fibres, merino wool absorbs odour particles and releases them only when washed. That feeling of wanting to change your top halfway through the day just wouldn’t happen with a merino garment.


A well looked after jumper will last forever, it is 6 times stronger than cotton – which really says it all. 

Renewable and sustainable

In a world of waste and non-decomposable plastics and fabrics, be sure to know that a merino jumper or any wool jumper will not sit on a landfill forever. It will decompose and disappear naturally, giving back to the earth. Unlike synthetic fibres merino wool does not need a great amount of manipulation or processing.

Easy Care

Because of this odour resistance, washing a merino jumper doesn’t need to happen as frequently. There isn’t a necessity to wash after every wear. Which is the dream for anyone who loathes doing laundry.

 To make life even easier merino wool has elastic properties that make it completely wrinkle resistant. As opposed to viscose, cotton and linen as well as a number of synthetic fibres, once washed ironing is completely optional.

 With a protective outer layer that prevents stains from being absorbed, stains are easily removed from merino.

 At Iggy & Burt all of our merino jumpers are machine washable so when it is necessary, pop your jumper in the wash on a low heat setting as stated in your care label. Then just dry flat.



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