Travel Diaries | A Moment in Galway

Galway is a small harbour city nestled on the West Coast of Ireland. It is the European Capital of Culture for 2020 – and well-deserving of the accolade. Galway City (as well as the wider Galway County) is famous for its culture, warm-welcome, gastronomic offerings and beautiful natural surroundings.

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Travel Diaries: Your Guide to Budapest

  Budapest is the largest city in Hungary and has a history that has visually shaped the Budapest we love and see today. The City is famous for its monuments and the relics that became a part of its culture and which was moulded by the settlers that moved into the city throughout history. In Budapest you will find ruins from when the Romans once settled here and evidence of the Ottoman Empire, evidential through the architecture seen in Budapest today. The City is split into Buda and Pest, which sit on either side of the monumental Danube River.   ‘Buda’ is a historical haven, often described as the peaceful side of the city, where you can walk through cobbled...

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