What To Pack For Glastonbury


Glastonbury packing list

It’s official! Festival season is here and Glastonbury is round the corner. Get ready to sip on a tin of Gin and Tonic whilst embracing the inevitable British rain, because this year, thanks to us, you will be prepared for everything four days in a field will throw at you.

Festival Glitter

No British festival is a festival without a bit of glitter. We all know the detrimental effects glitter is having upon our oceans, so be cautious this year and buy some biodegradable glitter fro Glastonbury instead! Biodegradable glitter is stocked in lots of shops on the high street and online so there is no excuse. Take a look at EcoStardustas they offer a stunning selection of sparkles for all of your festival looks this year.



Skin Care

You’ve woken up to the sound of early morning chanting and the sun has turned your tent into a greenhouse. It’s time to start the morning right with a skin care routine that will help to brighten your complexion and give your skin that needed TLC before it is released into the festival elements once more. Try Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer as this five star rated toner hydrates and refreshes your skin with ingredients such as aloe vera, cucumber and chamomile. The smell of rose, lavender and orange essential oils is also sure to make you feel brand new. Whilst we are on skincare, don’t forget to bring sun cream to keep yourself protected all day long.

Liz Earle Glatonbury

Your Festival Scent

Glastonbury Festival does not allow glass bottles and you also want to avoid accidentally smashing a bottle of your most treasured perfume. Take a look at alternatives such as gel perfume. Keep yourself smelling fresh with an easy to apply gel that fits perfectly into your handbag. We love Jo Loves Pomelo, a paintbrush gel that has notes of pink pomelo and rose- known to be Jo Malone’s signature scent.

Jo loves Glastonbury

Charged for the Weekend

No one wants to get lost at Glastonbury, spending precious time walking in circles, hoping your friends will remember to meet you by the ice cream van, so make sure that phone of yours is charged and ready to go. Festivals do have phone charging points you can pay to use but if you want to be super prepared and skip those queues, buy a power bank in advance. Find one that fits your phone using habits and will last the festival weekend. There are a lot of brands to choose from. EC Technology and Anker are known to provide power banks that can last a long weekend.

Anker Portable Charger

Be Weather Ready

It is most likely going to rain at some point during Glastonbury. Rather than buying the last-minute thin plastic poncho for a pound, you are just going to have to accept the rain will come. This is the perfect opportunity to go on the hunt for the cutest raincoat you can find. One of our favs is this glamorous leopard print hooded mac  from Topshop.

poncho topshop

Fake It to Make It

Dry Shampoo is going to save your life during festival season. Sometimes showering can be a pain, whilst trying to dry wet hair naturally can end in a frizzy disaster. Keep your hair looking and smelling fresh with a good spray or powder shampoo. Look out for those ingredients that will be kind to your hair type. A great smelling and lasting brand is TIGI Bed Head's Oh Bee Hive Matte Dry Shampoo. It smells super clean and absorbs oils in your hair to make you feel fresh and ready for all that headbanging you’ll be doing…

Bed Head 



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