10 Ways to Transform Your Kitchen This Spring

In the third of our Interiors series we look at simple ways to transform your kitchen. With it usually being the heart of the home, having a revamp in the kitchen can give your home a new lease of life.

The Iggy & Burt team have some simple and practical hacks that could save you from contemplating tearing out and refitting a whole new kitchen.

 Transform your kitchen

  1. Paint the kitchen cupboards

If you can set aside some time, it is amazing what paint can do to your cupboards. Especially if your kitchen walls are quite a neutral colour. This can really be a DIY job but ensure that you prep and prime the cupboards first.

  1. Replace the kitchen worktops

A very effective and simple way to freshen up a worn kitchen is by replacing the surfaces, as they get the most wear and tear. Find the most enduring and cost-effective worktops to get the most out of your investment. Consider extras that would make your life easier, like a built-in draining board.

 Transform your kitchen

  1. Improve your pantry storage

A good carpenter can completely transform how you use your kitchen. Adding a pantry space or re-utilising the one you may have will ultimately change how you use the whole kitchen.

  1. Re-organise your kitchens cupboards

Clear the worktops and let everything have a space in the kitchen cupboards. Decorate the dead areas on the kitchen counters with flowers or cookbooks to keep away the temptation for more clutter.

 Transform your kitchen

  1. Update your cupboard handles

With so many different designs on offer, this is a small change that could completely change the whole feel of your cooking space.

  1. Kitchen accessories and soft furnishings

Just like changing your outfit, soft furnishings in your kitchen can completely change the look of it. Throws, a well-placed pillow and some fresh flowers can instantly make your kitchen not only feel more welcoming but can make your kitchen feel like the centre of your house.  

 Transform your Kitchen

  1. Re-look at the lighting

Light is everything in a space and can direct all major decisions with the transformation of a kitchen. If your kitchen is generally a dark space, look at how you can introduce more natural light into the space. Is it possible to add a window? Would you benefit from a change in paint colour?

  1. Use well positioned curtains

When adding some softer touches, think about what you could hide. Never fancied seeing your washing machine the minute that you walk through your kitchen door? Then a printed curtain could be the perfect quick fix.   

 Transform your kitchen

  1. Introduce some wall art

Add personality to your kitchen by introducing some eye-catching wall art. If you want the artwork to be the main feature then ensure your backdrop is a neutral base for maximum effect.  Some beautiful food art could really transform your kitchen into a warm inviting space.

Transform your kitchen 

  1. Statement lighting.

Some well-placed statement lighting over the kitchen bar or island can become a key feature, drawing attention as soon as you walk through the door.