Statement knitwear: the must haves.

It is no secret that we are huge fans of designer knitwear, that’s why we started Iggy & Burt, so that we could offer quality, sustainably made, natural knitwear for all.

For those familiar with our brand, they will know that we believe colour, comfort and bold design can sit side by side, and that knitwear is the perfect place to make a statement. However, for many still knitwear can be a difficult item to dress and select as part of your outfit and wardrobe.

Here we offer up our views and advice in respect of picking and wearing your statement pieces of knitwear, which you can also read alongside our knitwear guide. Designer knitwear has continued to evolve and in particular in recent years we have seen a rise of bold print, fully-fashioned knitwear. Here is a roundup of our favourite styleways.

The Striped Jumper

Every wardrobe should host a striped piece of knitwear. This classic transcends seasons, genders, generations and occasions. It’s a staple.

The most well-known style of striped jumper is the classic Breton stripe, which delivers elegance, style and simplicity. You can’t go wrong with this.

If you want to be more adventurous with this style of jumper, balloon fits, different colourways and fashioning is all available also. Our take on the classic striped jumper is the Balloon Sleeve Lambswool Jumper. Each piece of this garment is knitted separately and then linked together by hand using the traditional process of fully fashioning. 

(The Balloon Sleeve Lambswool jumper - £75 - 100% Lambswool)

Cashmere/Merino jumper

Cashmere and Merino are staple knitwear materials which have been worn for thousands of years. Both are durable materials which offer better temperature regulation than counterparts. Coupled with the fact that both feels great to wear and can be worn all year round, we make sure that our wardrobes are stockpiled with a selection of Cashmere and Merino knitwear.

Unfairly, cashmere and merino have sometimes been stigmatised as being exclusive and expensive. Whilst quality materials do demand a higher price than fast-fashion and man-made materials, it does not mean that they have to be unobtainable and out of reach of most ordinary budgets.

One of our aims here at Iggy & Burt has been to introduce the best quality materials, sustainably sourced and made, for a fair price. We have tried to couple that with fun and bold prints in our fully fashioned designer knitwear.

Examples of which in either Cashmere, Merino, or Cash/Merino blend (our personal favourite are as follows:

 (The Mini Leopard Print Jumper - £95 - 100% pure merino)


Iggy & Burt| Striped V Neck Merino Jumper


(The Striped V Neck Merino - £85 - 100% merino)

The Aran

Otherwise known as a fishmerman’s sweater, Aran knitwear is a distinctive style of knitwear which has emerged from the British and Irish Isles.

Aran knitwear often has very distinctive patterns and design, but usually is worn in traditional colours.

Our first piece of designer knitwear was the Iggy and Burt jumper which was our homage to this style and in our view this is the perfect piece of knitwear for the autumn months.