The Iggy & Burt Christmas Charity Gift Guide

This year, Christmas may look different to you as it will do for many people across the world. Perhaps the idea of what Christmas looks like to you has evolved and been reshaped. 

Nearly every person has had a completely different experience during 2020, with very few having been left unscathed.

This year the Iggy & Burt team have put together an alternative Christmas guide. If Christmas feels slightly off balance for you this year and you have the means, we have put together a list of charities and organisations that you can donate to or help in some way, however big or small.

If you’re looking to carry on supporting small independent business’ this year check out our Independent Christmas Gift Guide for our favourite indy brands and boutiques, for more ideas to bring Christmas spirit to your loved ones.

 Women's Aid

Women’s Aid UK

COVID -19 has a huge impact on women and children stuck at home in abusive situations. With escalating cases and closed down routes to safety for women and children. With 76.1% more women having to spend more time with their abuser. Lockdown conditions can make it harder for women to reach out to friends and family for help and support and child survivors will no longer have the respite of school or nursery.

There are so many ways to help support women across the country this Christmas, you can find out more here.

 Salvation Army Christmas Appeal

The Salvation Army Christmas Present Appeal

Many Salvation Army churches and centres across the UK will be running a Christmas Present Appeal, collecting presents until mid-December. By finding your nearest appeal and donating new, unwrapped toys and gifts for children who might not otherwise receive them. The gifts are then wrapped and distributed to those in need.

To find out where to donate your gift or for further information, please contact your local Salvation Army Church or centre. You can find your local centre here.

 Beam Charity


Beam crowdfund new career opportunities for homeless men and women. Providing a support network, through specialists and the generosity of strangers to support their campaigns. Each person on Beam is referred by established homeless charities or the local council. You can choose to fund one persons training, fund everyone on the platform equally or become a monthly supporter.

With thousands of jobs lost this year, vulnerable and often very young people are left in dangerous and spiralling conditions. This Christmas your donation could help give someone a better 2021.  

To find out more here about how Beam are making real affected change in the lives of the homeless.

 Age uk

Age UK

We all know that COVID – 19 has had an unprecedented effect on the elderly. This year thousands of older people are facing their loneliest Christmas ever. The Age UK advice line is open 365 days a year including Christmas day. Providing answers and reassurance to older people when they need it most as well as a Telephone Friendship Service that is in huge demand. Find out how a donation to could make a difference this Christmas.

 Compliments of the house

Compliments of the House

Compliments of the House is a registered food redistribution charity that buys and collects fresh, surplus food and gives it to people in need every fortnight in the city of London.

Working closely with local organisations including social services, community groups and other charities who are also supporting those in need within the local area.

Each food and toiletries package is tailored to suit nutritional needs and religious requirements.

Compliments of the House's vision is to see a hunger and waste free Britain where people are not held back because they cannot afford to eat.

 Beauty Banks

Beauty Banks

In the same fashion as food banks, beauty banks supply personal care and hygiene essentials instead of food, to people in the UK who can’t afford to be clean. With a carefully curated online wish-list it’s very easy to donate what is actually needed.  

Partnered with Superdrug, there are now donation bins in over 100 Superdrug stores across the UK. You can find your closest donation bin here.