4 Non Fiction Books to Inspire Every Woman

 Becoming by Michelle Obama


Michelle Obama- Becoming

Finally, the most anticipated book of 2018 is here. This honest and warm memoir takes us from Obama’s childhood in Chicago to her experiences as the First Lady of the United States of America. This beautifully written memoir reveals the anxieties of having to deal with the harrowing events in America during her husband’s presidency whilst it offers an insight into her own personal struggles as both a mother and a wife. She is one of the world’s most influential icons, making this an important book that inspires generations as she discusses the problems with politics in the twenty-first century and the hope we must keep. To follow the release of her book, Obama will also be live on tour, stopping off at London’s Southbank Centre to chat with the acclaimed novelist, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. If you were able to get tickets to this UK exclusive event, then you are at the envy of all of us who were unlucky in our endeavours. But it’s ok because we will be taking heed from the powerful and hopeful words in Michelle Obama’s memoir to make us feel whole again!

 Everything I Know about Love by Dolly Alderton

Dolly Alderton - Everything I Know About Love

Alderton’s debut memoir, published back in February this year, gives an accurate insight into relationships with friends, partners and your own self. She uses her wit and personal experiences to give a vivid and sometimes heart-breaking account of growing up. This makes Alderton’s memoir relatable for all women as her most intimate moments, her heart-break and the struggles and triumphs of her life can also be seen in the stories of our own lives. Made up of a mix of personal stories, satire, recipes and an AMAZINGLY accurate portrayal of what it was like talking to boys on MSN, Alderton seeks to show that the early struggles of adulthood are ones we all face and reveals both the confusion and hope that comes with it. Alderton’s debut is witty and relatable- I cannot recommend it enough!

 Bloody Brilliant Women

Cathy Newman- Bloody Brilliant Women: The Pioneers, Revolutionaries and Geniuses Your History Teacher Forgot to Mention

The Channel 4 Journalist brings a fresh and much needed historical account of ‘herstory,’ filling in the blanks of women’s lives that history had left out. Newman’s Bloody Brilliant Womenbegins within nineteenth century Britain, introducing the pioneering women who transformed the lives of British women, taking us through the world wars and into modern Britain today. She blends her meticulous research with primary sources such as diary entries, journals and letters to retell the story of first and second wave feminism. Newman’s colloquial and witty voice makes this historical account accessible for all to enjoy. This is a beautiful book that seeks to save these pioneering women from oversight, which had sadly enabled these women to fade into oblivion.

 Little Black Book

Otegha Uwagba - Little Black Book A Toolkit for Working Women

Last but not least, the Sunday Times Bestseller, Little Black Book is a no-nonsense modern career guide that will inspire creative women to build up their career. The first chapter, ‘How to Maximise Your Productivity’ seeks to start you off on a journey of self-help that will go on to teach you how to overcome those creative blocks, navigate the workplace and assert yourself in making the decisions that will get you where you want to be. Uwagba’s guide is broken down into subsections to give concise and knowledgeable advice to help you build a self-made career, whilst its compact size makes it easy for you to travel towards your career goals. Little Black Book provides the motivation you needed to look after number one (that’s you!) and take control.