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Our Top 4 Self Care Books to Read

We are embracing the term self-care, whether that is used for mindfulness, pampering or exercise, you name it.  So whether you feel overwhelmed at work, stressed about money, dealing with a personal grievance or in desperate need of a break. Sometimes life can be difficult and hand us situations that may seem unbearable and difficult to get through. To add to it all, this world we live in is noisy in every way possible, with everyone apparently having a better time than you.   So self-indulge and do something that makes you feel happy. Easier said than done...right? So maybe just start with eating that chocolate you’ve denied yourself. With more and more journalists and authors joining the conversation about the...

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The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

She is without doubt one of the most admired poets of the 20thcentury and her heart wrenching and honest lyrics give an insight into Plath’s own struggle with mental health and the troubles that came with a difficult marriage to the poet, Ted Hughes.

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