Our 4 Key Natural Yarns

The sweaty slightly suffocating feeling you can get with some jumpers and tops is often a result of what the garment has been made with, which is usually a synthetic fibre like polyester…

We believe that knowing more about your materials will help you make an informed decision on your purchases, see a rundown on the key materials that has gone into making your knits and the beneficial properties that they bring:



Merino Wool

Every year sheep will naturally produce a new fleece…without fail. Making merino wool a renewable resource. You can’t really get a yarn more suitable to clothing, this premium fibre is so fine it makes perfect layering pieces that can keep you cool when warm and warm when cool. Find out more about why merino wool is perfect all year round. 

With a huge amount of spotlight on the amount of nondegradable items out there in the world; clogging up our waters and sitting on our landfills, it is so important that wool can be used as compost! Your 100% Merino wool jumper is not only completely bio-degradable but releases nitrogen based nutrients back into the soil.

These fibres are made up of keratin, the natural protein that we all know in relation to hair, but this is exactly what makes wool feel luxurious and soft as well as durable.

Natural elasticity in wool allows your clothes to stretch and move with your body to then snap back into the original shape.

 Above all it is easy to care for, it is pretty impossible to wrinkle up a merino jumper, and out of all the yarns we provide at Iggy & Burt it is easy to keep clean, with a natural outer layer that prevents staining.



Cotton is a vegetable fibre taken form the cotton plant and has been cultivated for years all around the world. This renewable resource makes beautiful breathable fabric, keeping your body temperature cool in the summer months, and when blending with wool perfect for Winter.

Cotton fibres can be spun into durable yarn, making it easy to wash at high temperatures and still remain soft. The softness of cotton makes it perfect for those that have sensitive skin, allergies or certain skin conditions.

Wet cotton can stretch and sag when wet so ensure to dry your cotton blend jumpers flat….

Check out our care page for information on how to care for your knits


Merino Wool  



 So, cashmere comes from goats…that super soft, cloud – like yarn usually takes 4 goats to produce just one jumper.

Made up of really fine fibres cashmere is of course super soft and luxurious. Taking only the softest fibres form the undercoat of the goat it is then cleaned and the fibres are sorted by hand. This long and arduous process is what make cashmere and cashmere blend jumpers so expensive and a true investment piece.

Due to the softness of cashmere it will pill, it is unavoidable but there is a simple care tricks to keeping you knits looking like new on our care page. 



A lot is in the name… but lambswool is the soft wool taken from a lamb the first time they are sheared.

Lambswool takes less processing than wool due to its fineness, but like wool it is strong and elastic, but smoother and softer. The fineness of lambswool is what makes it softer on the skin.

Naturally hypoallergenic it is a great choice for sufferers of allergies and also like wool it is a great regulator of body heat.