4 Simple Rules To Keep Your Jumpers Lasting Longer

Buying natural knitwear is an investment, and because we are all for keeping and loving the knitwear you buy from Iggy & Burt we have pin pointed the must do’s to keeping your lovely knits soft, cosy and long-lasting season after season.


  1. Stay away from those hangers

 Unless you want a stretched misshapen wool and cashmere knit, don’t hang them…instead, fold away. In the summer months store your knitwear away in airtight storage to keep the moths away.


  1. Always look at the care label

Sounds like the most obvious thing, but the temptation to bung all your jumpers in with your coloured wash is a disaster or disappointment (depending on your disposition) waiting to happen.

Modern manufacturing methods now mean that, yes you can machine wash a lot of natural yarns in a wool cycle or delicate setting, but for yarns such as extra fine merino wool and super soft yarns it’s still a no-go, and handwashing is your new past time.

And for those that leave the hand wash items at the bottom of the laundry basket all season, (we’ve all done it) because the thought fills you with dread and a certain level of animosity…it needn’t be too much of a hassle.


LMABSWOOL JUMPER@agentlewoman.com

  1. Cedar balls are a must

These miracle workers are what stand in the way of your beautiful merino jumper and a knitwear destroying moth! There truly is nothing worse than picking up your favourite jumper and seeing those small holes!

If you think you can get away with using your moth-eaten jumper as your new garden/ lounge/never wanting to be seen in public wear, then freeze it first, this will kill off the eggs!


  1. De- pill

Super soft yarns like cashmere will pill and the softer the quality the more it will pill. Pilling is the unsightly little balls of yarns that develop on the surface of your knitwear, its irritating and messy, but easily gotten rid of.

Pilling combs are the anecdote – brush along the surface of the jumper and it will look good as new.

Find out more about our natural yarns and how to care for them. 




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