New Year’s Resolution Ideas That Could Change Your Life

It’s that time of year again, when we all think we can wipe the slate clean and start the year afresh. Whether you have had a great year full of excitement and want that to continue or you just want to shut the door on 2019 and make some positive changes.

Cliched as it all is, there is still something lovely and hopeful about making a New Years’ Resolution, even if it only lasts a month or maybe just the week, the intention you’ve set is there.

So rather than just giving up chocolate or crisps, the Iggy & Burt team have brought you some simple ideas that could not only change how you live your life but your overall outlook. 

  1. Do the one thing you are dreading first thing in the morning

Whether it’s your ab workout or having to go the doctors that day. Pick the one thing from your mental to-do list that you desperately don’t want to do and make it a priority each morning.

Psychology writer Eric Barker explains that the first two hours of your day are likely to be your most productive, drawing on scientific findings that describe how willpower and self- control is finite and runs out as the day goes on. Barker’s suggestion of tackling your most dreaded or difficult tasks first thing in the morning may sound counterintuitive but by getting these tasks done first, your're not relying on your willpower to do them later. 

If you can make this one promise to yourself each morning, it could be what makes you a more productive person, impacting how you feel about yourself at the end of each day. The feeling of accomplishment before you go to bed each night is the self-esteem boost that could help you build a happier year and life.

 Getting a fitness regime

  1. Maintain a health and fitness regime

Have you ever been to gym in the month of January? If you’re a regular gym-goer you know to avoid it, there will not be a single machine available. 

This seems to be the go-to resolution for the majority of people, we rush to our local workout classes after a month of Christmas parties, mulled wine and indulgent Christmas dinners. But if you want this exercise bug to last beyond the month of January we suggest doing a little bit of research first and find out how to make your newest fitness habit stick and give yourself the best chance.

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 Meeting New People

  1. Meet new people

We really debated this one in the studio, and think that is the hardest resolution on our list. The red cross and the Co-op revealed in a joint study that 9 million adults in the UK are often or always lonely.

We all know the value of friendship and the happiness that close friends and partners can bring to your life.

Still, making friends as an adult is hard and comes with a minefield of social anxiety.

With the initial basis of a friendship being a shared experience or a similar passion or interest, 2020 might be the year to get out of your comfort zone and join a group or volunteer.


 Get more sleep

  1.  Get More Sleep 

By far the easiest on the list? Well not if you have kids, a demanding job or both. Life demands come with a never -ending list of things to do. But creating a routine and having a dedicated bedtime will be what gives you a sharper mind and that much needed mood boost as well as steadier blood sugar.

There are so many apps and monitoring gear you can get to find out how many hours of sleep you get and what your sleeping patterns are, for those that really want to do a deep dive in sleep monitoring.

For the rest of us that don’t have the inclination or the time, we say leave the electronics out of the bedroom and use an old-school alarm clock to wake up in the mornings. Just think of the hours wasted scrolling on your phone when you could be getting that precious extra time snoozing.

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  1. Read more books

Of course, we are going to have this one on there. We are avid readers at Iggy & Burt and have a dedicated section of our online journal for our book obsession needs.

So if you want to improve your thinking skills, concentration and vocabulary, reading is for you. It can also have a positive effect on social perception, emotional intelligence and empathy.

Listening to podcasts or joining a book club are all ways to engage with others with similar interests. Starting a Goodreads book challenge to keep you motivated and reading reviews on finished books is a huge hobby in itself. And don’t even get us started on #bookstagram…


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