How to style your knitwear this autumn (Part 2)

This is part two of our knitwear style guide for this autumn. In part one we offered up tips on statement pieces, layering and the importance of simplicity. Here we offer up our final must know tips on how to wear your knitwear.

Depth and texturing 

Adding depth and texture to your look is so easy to achieve, but very easy to get wrong with the range of options you might have available. 

We have always been a huge fan of a simple leather jacket with our knitwear to add depth and texture to the look, and the cool factor. Picking the right accompaniment to your knitwear, whether by way of jacket, bag, or other accessories, can really make the difference between what appears to be a jumper thrown-on and a well thought out outfit. 

Iggy and Burt| Natural Knitwear

Other small touches which achieve the same effect can be as simple as drawing down cuffs out of your knitwear to hang loose, or exposing a collar. Mixing up your look and adding interest and focal points in and around your knitwear will really add something to your look.

Chunky knits

If you are reaching for the chunky knitwear and/or cardigans this season, then there are lots of ways to make this really eye catching and stylish.

A regular query we have when speaking to our customers is how to make chunky knits appear more stylish and less baggy and "box like". Sometimes a tendency can be to use this style of knitwear as a last minute addition. 

We love our chunky knits and we think they can be comfortable and stylish at the same time, without compromising. 

One of the ways to achieve this is to contrast the freedom that chunky knits give you with more fitted items of clothing, such as fitted dresses, trousers or boots. The contrast of the two will look great. 

One of our favourite examples of this is shown here by the wonderful @lifeofmary:

Iggy and Burt|Natural Knits


Not everyone is a fan of patterned knitwear, but we think that it is the perfect way to add points of interest to your look. Whatever your preference (fair isle, polkadot, zig-zag, or other) have confidence that there is a way to make it work for you. 

If you are not someone who would naturally go for loud or bold colours and patterns, then start small. A neutral colour with polka dot pattern might be a good starting point, or something subtle like our newly arrived Love Heart Merino jumper, (£95) can add points of interest to your look without it being too loud. 

Iggy and Burt| Natural Knitwear| Love Heart Merino jumper

Whatever your preference, remember that if picking patterned knitwear, that it is always best to let this do the talking and to match it with other items which won't conflict or contrast.

Most importantly, your knitwear should be something that is fun and brings you joy. If you are in need of inspiration you might just find something in our range here.



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