Why it’s Time to Stop Buying Polyester Clothing

It’s sweaty

Wearing any garment made of 100% polyester has a similar effect of wearing a plastic bag all day. It’s uncomfortable and it’s hot. Any sweating you do during the day will get trapped between the fabric and your skin. This can happen even on a cold day when you’re just taking a stroll. If the fabric your wearing can’t breathe neither can your skin.

Natural fibres like any form of wool, cotton and linen will not only let your skin breath and keep you dry but it will keep any odours away. 

Holds odours

Polyester doesn’t just hold onto the unpleasant smell of sweat but it keeps hold of scents like perfume, deodorant and cigarette smoke, that does not easily come out in the wash, continuously building up with every wear.


It’s not biodegradable.

Unlike a wool jumper a polyester jumper will sit on a landfill forever. When it breaks down it is reduced to microplastics which are impossible to get rid of. With our eyes all now more on keeping our planet healthy, the more natural our clothing the better.

It has a short shelf life

Despite not being bio-degradable, polyester like many synthetic fibres doesn’t stay in good condition for long. After a few wears, the fabric is likely to rip, the colour fade and the build-up of random odours will just lead you to throwing it out. Creating an ongoing cycle of disposable fashion.

It’s cheap

It’s made using a chemical reaction involving coal, petroleum, air and water and can be used for many things such tents, furnishings and seatbelts. Because of how cheap it is, most manufacturers and retailers want to use it, then sell it on for a sizeable profit. It’s always best to make sure when purchasing an item to check the label and see if you are getting value for your money.

With there being so many natural options available you can curate a wardrobe that will not only last through the years but ultimately be more comfortable.

When choosing what to add to your wardrobe look at the care label for materials such as:







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